Silver Crest Powerful High Quality Heavy Duty Commercial Blender with German Technology – 2.0L Red


  • Power : 4500W
  • Capacity : 2.0 litres
  • Professional high speed blender
  • Manual mode with variable speed control
  • Up to 26,000 – 45,000rpm , perfect for smoothies
  • Double Cup


Safety purpose: with the mechanised button being turned on, no need to worry about cutting or slicing the fruit or nut with a knife because the sharp blade will help out on that hence bringing about your safety. 

Efficiency: this blender makes work strees-free. Instead of slicing, pounding or squeezing manually, it is the sole responsibility of the automated machine to do it at ease for you under your control.

Multi-purpose function: it can be used for many food items such meat,fruits,vegetables, and nuts. it can also be used to prepare salad, sauce and grind baby foods,etc.

Durability and Neatness: the product has the tendency to last for a very long time and because it is made of steel, it is easy to wash and be cleaned hence the quality of durability combined with neatness.


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